Galen Drew



Unity, C#, 3D Modeling, Game Design

Cycles is a game about quietness and contemplation. You move around the world and watch as it softly moves from day to night and back again. Cycles was released under the label Ice Water Games.

This was a project based on a game I made called Sequence for a game jam. Both are available on



This game was a big learning experience for me in taking a concept from start to finish myself. Because the idea is so focused on experience and subtlety it was a challenge to validate the level of quality and finish. The invaluable lesson I learned was that playtesting is great to get a check on the mechanics and the perception, but you have to trust your gut when it comes to the tone.  

Game Design

The keyword of this game is simplicity. Initially I had opted for more manual control of the camera and environment, but in the end I decided that the best experience came from limiting the interaction to the mouse. This allowed more subtle design features, such as a shifting depth of field based on where you rotated the camera around.