Galen Drew

Dept. of Comm

Department of Communication

Department of Communication

In this vintage educational film produced by the Department of Communication, a number of new technologies for human communication are explored; some are more useful than others. Created for the Connected Series. To view more of The Connected Series for Samsung visit:

The animation was illustrated in Photoshop and animated in After Effects. The animation was written and directed by Drew Christie.

Images of Inspiration

The mood and inspiration were drawn from the geometric painting style seen below (from the book Jules Verne: The Man Who Invented the Future) and from 50’sa nd 60’s educational videos such as A is for Atom.

Background Paintings

Background Paintings

The backgrounds were heavily based on geometric shapes and angles to create interest and a sense of scale. Each background was separated into a series of layers to achieve a parallax effect in the animation stage.


Character Design

The illustrations below show the main scientist character at the end of the film. All the characters were designed to be animated with the puppet tool in After Effects. This meant that the heads had to be separate objects for facial animations, as well as hands and torso.