Galen Drew

Yule VR

Yule VR

VR, Unity, Cinema 4D


So, in my continued mis-use of my free time, I took December to manufacture a VR game called Yule VR. In Yule VR you sit in a charming living room listening to the soft tones of you jazz cassette over the crackling of a warm fire. Your tea has gone a touch cold, so you hold it to the hearth to warm it up a touch.

This is the gist of Yule VR. Have fun burning stuff and wrecking shop. This ended up being a couple week project to make this little goofy game with some fire and some hidden goodies. Its available for Oculus Rift (with Touch) on


This was for sure a learning experience for me. Since it was concepted, designed, 3D-modeled, and programmed all by me, I found I had to be extreme careful with feature creep and scoping. I initially set up a very limited scope of features and made a very concerted effort to just build that as a prototype before adding too much art and functionality. After that point I took the skeleton I had and just started playing in it.


stay warm